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“Why public speaking is key to your professional success!”

“I’ve helped people at all levels for over 20 years shine in the art of public speaking and communicating.  I would love to help you Speak Your Best!”
Welcome!  Public Speaking is one of the best ways to invest in your professional development for confidence, visibility, and leadership.  It is the most effective way to call others - clients, potential clients, business associates, and special audiences you want to reach - to take action.

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Are you looking for support in transforming your current speaking skills to a new level?  Or do you need guidance on specific areas of your presentation abilities? Or do you have something important to say, but fear of public speaking is getting in the way?

Whatever the reason, you know that effective communicating is a crucial life skill in today’s world, whether it’s for business, education, or social situations. And using my special system, you can reach that next level of expertise and success in weeks, not years!

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Professional coaching, just like in sports or other activities where you want to excel – given in a highly personalized and supportive environment – can take you to where you want to be much faster and with greater results!  It doesn’t matter at what stage you are currently:

- a seasoned professional who wants to make their presentations more dynamic,

- launching a new career and eager to make an impression, or

- a graduate just starting out and needing a foundation for effective speaking skills for wherever life takes you.

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“Deborah Lee truly empowered me by her excellent coaching to a new level of confidence, and fully supported me to work through any issues holding me back. Her attention to the details of what would make my performance stand out and her dedication to my excellence, resulted in a standing ovation and a sense of mastery in my public speaking.”

~Heidi Harmon, Mayor
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“Deborah Lee is a fantastic speaker coach! As a professional motivational and inspirational speaker with over 20 years of experience, I wanted to create some new material.

Deborah was key to helping me hone the material and provide valuable feedback about how to get my message across in a way that would impact my audience, make it memorable, and have them share it with others. I knew it was a success when I got a standing ovation.”

~Todd Huston, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

I Offer: 

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One-on-one, customized coaching serving San Luis Obispo, the Central Coast, and beyond. Internet sessions are available as well for national and international clients.

Workshops and small group courses for speaking mastery in business and marketing services.

Videotaped sessions to visualize how an audience sees you, and to see immediate improvements.

Evaluation of over 40 different components of your presentation skills.

Writing, editing, scripting, and enhancing your content to maximize its impact.

New methods to handle nervousness and fear of public speaking.

Customized programs that meet your specific goals and needs.
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