Programs by Deborah Lee

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I offer two highly customized Speaking Mastery programs: Private Coaching and Small Group (6-8 people) training that cover a broad range of speaking skills and professional techniques. See below for details.

Experience breakthroughs, gain confidence, and reach your goals, while enjoying a supportive, personalized coaching process.  Through these carefully designed programs, I am passionate about helping you Speak Your Best!

All programs can be conducted through in-person sessions or via the Internet.

Other types of coaching I provide can be requested separately. These include: Motivational Speaking, TED Talks, Speaking Essentials, Target Events, and Target Areas.

Please contact me for your Complimentary Speaking Strategy Session. 

Speaking Mastery Program (Private Coaching)

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This program is designed for all speakers who want to take their performance to the next level.  It provides highly customized, one-on-one coaching to support your path to speaking masterfully.

During this program, you will:

  • Receive detailed evaluation on more than 40 key aspects of your current speaking skills, performance, and written materials.
  • Map a course together for maximizing your goals and progress during the program.
  • Practice proven techniques for effective vocal performance, body language, and message crafting.
  • Learn how to diminish speaking fear and anxiety, and address any obstacles or concerns that may be holding you back.
  • Discover how to tailor your presentations to ensure maximum connection with your audience.
  • Review your videotaped presentations to examine what is working and what needs further enhancing.
  • Learn expert methods on how to rehearse effectively.
  • Receive in-depth evaluation of your progress at each step.

A three-month or six-month program is available. Coaching sessions are customized to your current level of proficiency, with customized homework tailored to your specific communication goals, plus detailed feedback and personal support during each step of the program.

Please contact Deborah Lee at 805-994-9977 or if you are interested.  

Speaking Mastery Small Group Program

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Are you ready to invest a small amount in your personal and professional development and see outstanding results?

If you bring in a group of 6-8 people, all will receive a special rate – 20% off the regular cost of this special program designed especially for professionals. The number of courses is limited, and you may sign up individually if room is available.

What if you had the ability to speak engagingly and powerfully to potential clients or any audience you chose? This dynamic, hands-on course is for professionals and others who want to learn the tools and techniques used by experts for masterful public speaking and presentations.

The 3-month course provides highly experiential learning that gets you to a new level of expertise in the shortest time possible.  It includes:
  • Six – 2-hour training sessions (2x/month)
  • Receiving a highly customized evaluation and strategic plan for your individual needs and goals
  • Overcoming performance fear and anxiety so that you shine on stage
  • Learning the art of powerful presenting – live and on video – that is dynamic and authentic to best express you and your message
  • Crafting memorable talks and presentations targeted to your ideal audience
  • Using vocal variation and body movement techniques that draw your audience in to connect with you, hear you fully, and respond to your call-to-action
  • Mastering effective rehearsal methods that minimize time and stress
  • Bonus – 1 one-on-one private session with Deborah Lee (a $175 value)

Classes are small (6-8 people) and customized to maximize individual success.

Coursework includes lectures, hands-on training, personalized feedback, breakthrough exercises, and homework designed to produce immediate results.

Please contact Deborah Lee at 805-994-9977 or if you are interested.


NEW PROGRAM: Business Speaking Mastery Course

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Come join us for a Business Speaking Mastery course in a relaxing, but content-full program!

It's an intensive, small group program that gets you and your business real results quickly.

You will receive:
16 hours of professional training + 2 private sessions (over 8 weeks)
Create specific products for your business such as:
--a signature talk to inspire, educate, and attract clients
--telling your business and personal story
--using video to increase business
--speaking skills that grab and hold your audience’s attention
--expert techniques in delivery and rehearsing for maximum stage presence
Plus, customized “homework” assignments and expert evaluation and feedback.

The course is designed to help professionals at all levels gain confidence and learn to speak powerfully and persuasively in any venue.

If you are interested in the course, please contact me at (805) 994-9977 or